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According to the China organization of car producers to offer the information revealed that in 2011, China’s complete import and also export products auto hit a record high, to $143.075 billion note, an increase of 31.83%, with imports amounted to 74.138 billion us dollars, up 30.77%, and export value of 68.937 billion us bucks, up 32.99%. Yet from the cars and truck DVD two facets of information to see the import and also export, import vehicles primarily by the items as Lord, as well as are high-end luxury autos as well as cross-country SUVModels, and our country to the export of the auto items, auto parts is provided top priority to, the vehicle of percentage of inadequate, and the contrary trade proportion have to let people assuming.

Automobile import as well as export profession deficiency is nowIn 2011, China’s complete import as well as export quantity vehicle items to us $143.075 billion, consisting of the import quantity at $74.138 billion, as well as the quantity of exports, contrasted to $68.937 billion, while complete import and export quantity are increased, yet plainly is the import the assets or the vehicle a little better.Automobile import and export trade deficiency has gotten on for a long period of time, create the major factor or as well as of the here and now circumstance and the framework of the auto sector as well as today circumstance, the current residential manufacturing of cars and trucks mainly in the form of joint venture enterprise developed, and the production of nature is abroad really mature vehicle products, if put these 2 handling of mature products to international nations to market automobiles, first in the price it will certainly be tough to contend and other brand names, secondly, not their very own expert sales channel, as well as the most vital is no brand name benefit, so generated Chinese car to the shame of foreign export commodity status quo.Import export vehicle components technology high2011 vehicle imports amounted to 71.36% development, the time for the back-up electronic camera parts, at 28.56%, as well as the import more than automobiles, to 1.0389 million lorries, up 27.69%, consisting of cars and trucks and also suvs still represents a big component, import 410300 autos and also 430900 specifically, a year-on-year development of 19.38% and also 22.62% respectively 39.49% and also 41.48% complete auto imports.

And also in the export side, the biggest payment to the automobile components. From 7 classifications of car products export scenario, the automobile parts for the very first time greater than us $50 billion to us $52.193 billion, accounting for 75.71% of the complete amount of export commodities car, up 28.60%, to $21.17 billion surplus, exports stay the very first payment. The automobile exports for the highest possible background, and also the export 849500 vehicles, up 50.03%, export worth of 10.951 billion us dollars, up 56.74%. Export quantity as well as amount more than 2008 years, a document. One auto fastest-growing, overall export of 372100 automobiles, a rise of 1.1 times, was first exports.More than one for premium luxury carsIn 2011, the leading 10 imports state is Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea, UK, Slovakia, Mexico, Belgium, France and also Portugal, the above ten kuomintang-chinese communist import 998400 lorries, accounting for 96.10% of the overall car imports. And the amount of exports top 10 countries is the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Iran, Brazil, Germany, England, Nigeria as well as the joined Arab emirates, the above ten countries export amount people $34.268 billion, representing 49.71% of the overall amount of the car of export products.

From the above data can see, import cars and trucks in Europe a lot more items are, the appeal of the department and the memories of the car is offered priority to, can be said to be 4 old “seller”. Among the initial nationwide or Germany imports, this results from the public, audi, Benz premium deluxe brand for its contribution to the ratio of Japanese is adhered to by cars, the second day of this year’s overall sales volume of auto by quakes and remembers as a result of the impact of the international eldest bro lost the placement.